Life insurance

All of us know value of life, but to the most of us, family is more valuable than ourselves. Ther’s a way we can protect them like never before.

Get protection for your family with reliable life insurance through an esurance partner

We (almost) always remember to safeguard the big-ticket stuff — our health, our cars, our homes, our cell phones, and even our pets. But what about securing financial protection for your loved ones after you’re gone? It’s not a topic most of us care to dwell on, but it’s an important one.
When you get a policy through Esurance, it can help cover funeral expenses, your children’s college tuitions, mortgage payments, and more, so that your family doesn’t have to foot the bill during an already rough time.

We partner with other top-notch companies to help you get convenient quotes for free online, tailor your coverages and limits to your loved ones’ needs, and ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Types of life insurance

Term life insurance is the most common type of policy, and is a great option for young families who prefer to pay less for coverage. These policies, while still being affordable and flexible, are designed to help ensure that your loved ones will be financially protected should unexpected death occur.
You can choose your policy term (typically 1 to 30 years) to match your needs. And for healthy, non-smoking adults, rates are very affordable. Payments are fixed and will not increase over the life of the policy term, and you can customize your policy by adding extra coverage.

On the other hand, term life insurance only insures you for the stated policy term. That means if you pass away a year after your term expires, no payments will be made. Your policy also doesn’t accrue any cash value, unlike other types of coverage.

Some policies, however, will let you convert your term life policy into a universal or whole life policy. These types of policies usually have longer terms and more perks, but generally come with higher premiums. Check to see what your options are when you get a quote.

When you should buy a policy

Life insurance may seem intimidating and confusing, and it might seem easy to make mistakes. In truth, the biggest mistake you’re liable to make when choosing life insurance is not choosing it at all.
For many people, purchasing a policy might not be a priority until they’re nearing their golden years. But getting covered while you’re still young (and healthy) will help you maintain lower rates over the long term. We suggest taking a look at your finances and asking a few questions:

Do you have any dependents or young children in the family?
How will your family fare without your financial contribution?
Would you like to leave your loved ones an inheritance?
Do you have enough money in savings to pay for funeral expenses and any outstanding debt?
Of course, you should always buy a policy when you feel the time is right, but also remember that life insurance is generally considered one part of a solid financial strategy.

Life policy options: cost and coverage

Price is always an important factor when it comes to making a purchase. After all, nobody wants to overpay for something like insurance. But make sure you’re not settling for mediocre coverage just to pinch pennies.
When evaluating term life policies, we suggest comparing the types of coverages and their limits when you get your free life insurance quote. For whole life or universal life policies, you’ll also want to compare the investment options and cash returns available on each policy.

These are the most important things when you are taking life insurance.
For detailed information visit website of all optional insurance, so you can be sure what all of them are offering.

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