Top 5 richest people in the world

If you think Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, think again. He is not even the second richest person in the world. Here are the top 5 people who have the most amount of money compared to the rest of the people in the world.

  1. Mukesh Ambani is the Asia’s richest person. He is Indian and the head of petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries, India’s most valuable company by market cap. His fortune is up $22.9 billion since last year, making him the world’s second-biggest gainer in terms of dollars. His current net worth is $43 billion. Mukesh is using some of his money to build a 27-story home.
  2. Lakshmi Mittal is Indian, but lives in UK. He has $45 billion. He is the head of world’s largest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, which accounts for 10% of all crude steel production. It just delivered 580 tons to be used in construction of the World Trade Center memorial in New York. With a 44% stake, he is the company’s largest shareholder.
  3. William H. Gates III: Now here is your favorite. Bill Gates net worth hasn’t really increased much and doesn’t seem like it would it is still $58 billion. He dropped out of Harvard university 13 years ago to start the Microsoft company that creates software and applications for computers. It is a well known fact that he lives a philanthropic life and most of his time are spent on charities rather than the work that really involves making money for himself. He seems content with his wealth, but not with his charity work.
  4. So you think Mexican’s are poor eh? Think again. Carlos Slim Helú from Mexico is the second richest person. His net worth is $60 billion. He is a son of Lebanese immigrant. He started to make money when in 1990 he bought the fixed-line operator Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex) in a privatization. One of the wealthiest person in the world living in a poor country; is that an irony or what.
  5. Warren Edward Buffett is now officially the most richest person in the world. Most people wouldn’t have guessed he would be the most richest person because he have donated billions of money to charities. But seems like the old cliche says you do good, good things happen to you. His net worth is $62 billion. And he is the America’s most beloved investor. His father was a Nebraska politician. As a young boy, he delivered newspapers and filed his first tax return at age 13 and he claimed $35 deduction for the bicycle he bought. His company Berkshire Hathaway’s shares has increased 25% since the middle of last July.

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